Restaurants & Après-ski

Flachau is the perfect village for an enjoyable Après-ski. Between four and eight o’clock it is party-time. And for people who still have not had enough, there are a few clubs that are open until the wee hours. Moreover, other forms of Après-ski are also possible. For instance, a ride in a real authentic sleigh or a fun evening tobogganing.

Famous Après-ski tents are:

Dampfkessel: If you enjoy a nice drink in the sun, Dampfkessel is the place to go. Here, you can enjoy live-music and a drink in the sun, however, from 4 o’clock it is indeed party-time with fun Après-ski music. Dampfkessel also has a good and affordable kitchen. You will find Dampfkessel at the valley station Spacejet 1, 10 minute walk from Alpenzeit.

Hofstadl: The bells ring in Hofstadl every day at 4 o’clock. This means that all the fun people in Flachau come together in the Hofstadl. The Après-ski temple of Austria. This is party central. Fun Après-ski music, singalongs in German, Dutch and Austrian dialect and everything goes. The staff is very helpful and you will experience the strangest things. You will find Hofstadl at the bottom of the Starjet 1. Near the Weltcup slope and the old town centre.

Musistadl: In Musistadl you can enjoy live-music every night, such as Austria band, Salzburg Sound, Salten Oberkrainer, Jambalayaband. These bands perform every night until the wee hours. You can enjoy a wonderful meal in advance in the restaurant or enjoy the buffet.

Zum Zottl: In Zottl you can relax with your family after a wonderful day of skiing. Parents can enjoy a drink on the terrace while listening to some music. Meanwhile, the children can go nuts on the playground of Zottl. You will find Zottl at the bottom of the Starjet 1. Near the Weltcup slope and the old town centre.

Fire & Ice: In the middle of the village you will find Fire & Ice. You can venture here for a cocktail from 8 o’clock or so. You will not find Après-ski here, this is a real club. Therefore, make sure to change out of your ski outfit beforehand and dance to Top40, Dance, Hip-hop and R&B until the wee hours.


Flachau has many possibilities to go out for a wonderful meal at an affordable price. Whether you prefer a pizza, a schnitzel, grilled salmon or haute cuisine, there is something for everyone.

Alpenzeit has made agreements with Alter Jagdhof that you could benefit from. Here, you can enjoy a pizza, but also a delicious salad, a fine steak or a grill plate, amongst other possibilities. A 3 course dinner comes at a special price for guests of Alpenzeit at € 15 per person. Alter Jagdhof is able to provide buses so that you can even be picked up and dropped off. It is located at the entrance of the village, past the turn to the Achter Jet on the left hand side.

Other restaurants in in the village are:

Hoagascht, the recommendation. Without doubt the best restaurant in the area. Here you can enjoy delicious pastas (the pasta with truffle oil comes highly recommended), risotto and other treats, but the menu also includes delicious (veal) meat dishes. The restaurant is decorated in traditional wood and professional staff will help you to make the right choice. It is recommended to make a reservation, because this restaurant is very popular. You will find Hoagascht next to the Spar in the middle of the village of Flachau.

Schusterhausl, fantastic steakhouse! If you enjoy a properly prepared entrecote and steak, this is the place for you. Schusterhausl is located in an old shoemaker shop, in the middle of the village. Whether you prefer your meat raw-medium, medium or well-done, the cook is happy to prepare it for you. The perfectly prepared meat is served by friendly staff and with good wine. It is also recommended to make a reservation because this restaurant does not have a lot of tables. You will find the steakhouse opposite the Spar in the middle of the village of Flachau.

SchnitzelEck, something for everyone. For lovers of Schnitzels, a special restaurant is to be found in Flachau. In the SchnitzelEck you can compose your own Schnitzel. The choices include chicken, pork, veal and Wiener schnitzel or a Gypsy schnitzel. Furthermore, there is a choice of side orders. In short, a must for every schnitzel lover. You will find the SchnitzelEcke halfway on the main road that runs through the village of Flachau.

Weinstadl, the best pizza. Do you like pizza and other Italian specialities? Go out for dinner at Weinstadl. You can enjoy delicious Italian food at Weinstadl. The menu includes various great pizzas, but also delicious pasta dishes. The Weinstadl is located at the entrance of Flachau immediately on your left hand.